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Paris Toilet Despatch: The Revolutionary Toilet Holder


After a trip to Paris I made a discovery which, to most, would be merely functional but is in fact as revolutionary as the invention of the motor car or even the debut of the iPhone. Small and simple but can revolutionise the way I do things.

Watch the Paris Toilet Despatch to truly be in awe of the 9th wonder of the world.

How I Met Your Mother F***er, starring 50 Cent


Neat idea for a show right? You don’t necessarily see Fiddy doing comedy so that can broaden his fan base and also inject fresh blood into an ageing show.

Awaiting a reply from him due to his busy schedule.

McDonalds Meets The Sex Pistols Advertising Special


The new advertising campaign by mcdonalds reminded me of an iconic album cover. Took me a while to remember which and with that revelation I decided to ultra customised their shit chicken campaign to make it more relevant to public tastes.

There is nothing more refreshing than an honest advertising campaign!

Radio 4: In My Bloody Time


A new sketch from Fuzzy Dice Comedy where we emulate black cabbies and listen to Radio 4 for more than 2 hours…. the results will be shocking and questions will definitely be asked in Parliament.

It’s a wonder how people over 75 can listen to this in there living room and survive such a long barrage of audiophile and depressing prose.

Type2 Trainspotting


Let’s face it, we all know that chocolate is as addictive as heroin (stopping just short of using the former as suppositories) so in praise of the bigger budgeted flick that has been released here is a middle class equivalent.
No film permits were issued by Westminster Council to shoot in the W1 area but we it did anyway.

Straight Outta Hampstead


What would happen if Eazy E, Dr Dre and Ice Cube lived in North London?

Well, this would happen. Hip Hop to the def.

Contains NSFW audio content

The New Tone Deaf McDonalds Advert Titled Dead Dad


I’m Not Loving’ It

So Soon after the poorly thought out Kendall Jenner Pepsi advert (jeeze! if i tried to give a riot cop a Pepsi my skull would be head caved in before i can say Malcolm X) the Brits have come up with their own tasteless take on pulling the heartstrings.

So basically the premise is that the burgers killed the dad and now the mother wants to kill her child slowly, one artery at a time, as a way of removing any trace of pain. I may be wrong.

I really wanted to reversion the entire advert but knew it would be taken down as fast food outlets have no sense of humour.

THAT Jeremy Clarkson Top Gear Text


Jeremy Clarkson, ex presenter of Top Gear, and¬†nowadays known as a loose fisted media thug. If he had an ounce of remorse this would be the text he sent to Oisin Tymon but the twat doesn’t have a decent bone in his body so these¬†“sympathetic texts” rarely come out of his phone.


Michael Bay Mentalism


Lego, Paramount Pictures and Michael Bay team up to make this ultra testosterone filled action-balls. The budget for one of his films is the same as the GDP of India.

Oh, and it stars that geek from The Office. Who knew?

Marvel’s Avengers 4: Alt Director


What better way to invigorate the Marvel franchise than adding an eccentric director into the mix. Just what action movies need! A decent homoerotic sexually charged action movie.