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The All New US Healthcare System in the UK!


Everyone knows that a lot of Americans are having to use GoFundMe to try and get a helping hand to access their healthcare needs and seeing as the UK have voted in Boris Johnson who wants to push towards the American model I will be starting training courses for the British people who are not savvy with the internet.

Fear not British citizens, this 10 part course will instruct you on how to make the most powerful and impactful plea to get the drugs you need via the private sector. Think of it as a healthcare fire sale where you may have to go onto eBay to buy some insulin or high blood pressure drugs. Don’t look too closely at the label.

It may look daunting at first but the majority of the country literally voted for this and now knowing that we can help you (with a fee off course as nothing will be free or discounted anymore). All you need, like any Julia Roberts tear jerker, is a sad tale and a back story of how you ended up where you are and why you need “it” and what the consequences are if you don’t get it. It can be as easily written like an episode of Friends or as densely plotted like a David Mamet play. Remember! visuals! if you have any children under 12 or even better Grandchildren then use them for the byline photo to add maximum strength to your campaign.

There are also plenty more tips and tricks but all of it is behind an expensive paywall so sign up on GoFundMe and go on! Go Fund You!


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