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Oct 2014 20

This is the dada pitch as sent to Ch4 comms.

Now watching the clock like an exciting episode of Countdown for a reply.



Oct 2014 19

The premise is simple, take a well known show and flip it. This is the teaser poster but i will be posting the proper pitch as sent to the Official Channel 4 commissioning portal.

Let’s see if they would be interested in the idea


Oct 2014 06

With the proliferation of wacky themed shows filling our airwaves there is nothing better than pitching one myself to the BBC.

This one can’t be as bad as Gogglebox or the new one, Gogglebox in the kitchen. And lest we forget the classic fixed rig camera show set in a pub.

One thinks that i may be waiting a long time for them to get back to me.

Oct 2014 02

Dear Moz

Having listened to your last few songs (or was it albums? Time expands when listening to your output) I have a distinct feeling that your lyrics are still stuck in 1985, a time when Thatcher was bad and Savile was good…. strange how things pan out eh?

What I think you should do to become relevant to a newer generation is to add a few modernisms that the disaffected youth have…

I mean the people in their 40’s who are still disillusioned with Thatcherism (I know, let it go, right?) are fully catered for but the kids nowadays bitch about Playstation (which is a games console) and other accoutrements of a modern connected world. You may not know these novelty items per se  but i can be the gatekeeper to these depressed fans because depression sells! Face it that’s what your USP is.

Might I start with this combo of lyrics to as a warm up and then we can go from there.

-Playstation 4/ a digital prayer for the poor.

-The Kindle/ not made of wood and not very good/ digital words scribbled across a grey canvas screen.

-Amazon/ the DotCom that is a consumerist DotCon.

If you don’t want to stretch into such uncharted Morrissey-esque territory (don’t want to hurt the brand, right?) you can still sing about the NHS and the poor because let’s face it, they will never go out of fashion… like flares and sitcoms featuring white teeth twenty somethings.

As an avid follower wearing National Health glasses, free flowing flowers and being picked on (this was only last week I may add) I felt I had to reach out and bring you back from the era of Ted Heath and other similarly suited fat tories.

Down with the establishment and up with the new record deal.

Sep 2014 16

Proudly sponsored by Johnny Depp, A strangely hypnotic video from Dick Fatoush designed to help put your kids slowly to sleep. Part of the range of self help digital media designed to improve your life in general.

These wordless instructional videos can make you a champion of society no matter what language you speak and remember, Mondays will never be the same after watching this on a constant loop for 20 hours.