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Rod Liddle and Quentin Letts: Out of Touch and Long in the Tooth


I do feel sorry for these ageing critics and journalists who are becoming far out of touch with the changing world and try to stay relevant with controversy. Such controversy as Quentin Letts writing that political correctness was the problem in casting Leo Wringer in a RSC production. He questioned that Mr Wringer got the part was because he’s black innit… not because of talent. Such lazy writing would initially feel that he wanted theatre to stay unchanged but it has been changing leaving traditionalists such as Letts to question the system. After social media condemnation soon after the article was published it begs the question if he is the right person to carry on reviewing plays, musicals like Hamilton which are revisionist takes on history are the kind of thing he probably doesn’t understand and making him more out of touch with theatre progression.

Next Up is Rod Liddle who published an article about how black children don’t live with their parents and hence they get shanked and merked or whatever . Is this an article to raise a debate or just another journalistic grenade to get Rod trending on twitter which it inevitable did. It’s not the kid of article that starts a healthy debate and considering it’s in The Times definitely not. The thing is and people pointed out is his own personal life

who published an article about how black children don’t live with their parents and hence they get shanked and merked or whatever . Is this an article to raise a debate or just another journalistic grenade to get Rod trending on twitter which it inevitable did. It’s not the kid of article that starts a healthy debate and considering it’s in The Times probably not. The thing is and people pointed out is his own personal life as a father which is equally questionable (google it!) and you realise that he is not exactly one to be a moral statesman.

Good journalists try to stay relevant but people like the ones above either don’t like change or force a conversation to stay on the map. They fear such things as colour blind casting in Shakespeare plays, putting Hip Hop in historical musicals and well meaning debate.

Brexit / Cumberbatch / Outrage. Why it Took a Star to get a Point Across


So let me get this right? People are only now truly outraged by how the Leave Team weaponised social media in the Brexit campaign because it was made into a drama starring Benedict Cumberbatch? It wasn’t journalism that opened people’s eyes to this mass manipulation, it was a (admittedly well made) drama.

Brexit: An Uncivil War detailed how this all worked whereas the newspaper articles on the same subject caused a small smatter of anger here and there. The same small ripple that came to news stories about Edward Snowden and The Panama Papers. People were outraged for all of 10 mins.

News of how they did all this shady work has been reported in the press and in Private Eye for a while but like everything else in middle England, the majority of the people mainly read The Sun and Daily Mail which have agenda led distorted views which are also designed to manipulate the readers. Irony right? Old school manipulation compares to new school. Read any Daily Mail headline and you get the idea of the Brexit Hysteria being peddled. Look at any Social Media post and ask yourself if it is true.

By this summation middle America will only realise the terrible dumb things that Donald Trump is doing if it was made into a film starring George Clooney as Trump… sod it even if we had Rosemary Clooney played Trump the message would still get across and people will suddenly be outraged.

And they say Print is dead…. depends on your age.

The Guardian Newspaper Begging Bowl


i have noticed for a while you have been running a pop up ad campaign which essentially says “pay us what you think we’re worth” and my guess is that you are probably not getting the numbers you were hoping.

Ever since Alan Rubbisher made it his mission to make The Guardian Free you have been stuck in a funny position to keep the money rolling in as advertising alone isn’t cutting it and circulation is going down as expected as people go digital.

Here is an analogy on why people close the pop up window for the most part. There is website called EDLhacker which is used by the large archive television community (including me) and the chap running it relied on donatiopns to keep the site up to date but face it, hardly anybody in the community paid. We just used it for free. Then suddenly the site was archived off until he got some donations and this set the entire community into a panic. That is how vital this site is. Suddenly people including me put in donations and now the site has been updated. It took that kind of desperate threat to make people wake up to what they should rightly be paying for.

Now i am not saying you should do anything drastic but people aren’t going to donate as the purse stings have been tightened.

I suggest and this is a BIG thing to attempt, Put all the news websites under a paywall… You, The Sun and even The Daily Mail should join the NYtimes and do it in unity. We know smaller sites like Huffington Post will stay free because of their chronic use of free labour but let’s face it… it’s rubbish, right?

Donations won’t bring in the big bucks… subscriptions will and I subscribe to Broadcastnow and Private Eye. It can be done.

Sacha Baron Cohen and the Chris Morris Connection


I just watched the clip of Sacha Baron Cohen‘s Who Is America? and (as of this writing) anticipating the series. It’s interesting that this style was done by Chris Morris nearly 20 years ago in the notorious Brass Eye peodophoile episode. Getting dim celebrities/ people in authority to read the most outrageous things out loud not knowing the content should have been a red flag to these so called intelligent people but alas it isn’t. Why? Because they are self promoting idiots who fall for the back story of the ‘legitimate’ production company that wants to put across the same agenda. Here it is, these gun nuts mention in pre written idiot boards Blink 182 and Rita Ora and in Brass Eye it was Phil Collins saying ‘Nonce Sense’. The difference is that Mr Cohen did this subterfuge in America and NOBODY knew the ridiculous parody elements contained. The fact that he got away with it is astounding.

I didn’t know how people still fall for these things until I spoke to a director years ago who used to go undercover setting up meetings with politicians for Dispatches programmes and I asked him the same question. His simple answer was you get chummy with them, do small talk and start asking curious questions and lure them into talking about all sorts of less-than-honest things. It apparently is as simple as that. Politicians are less cautious than you think and here the gun lobby are the same. I bet the PR vetting people are either fired or dead. Either way they are SCREWED!

These gun nuts in the US want to use any media to promote their agenda and this is their weakness much like the caught-out UK politicians. I can’t wait to watch this and it is TERRIFYING. What got me was the nuances. The Gun Lobby rep is shooting cartoons of black people and arabs with no flinching of the political incorrectness.

I do hope Chris Morris gets residuals from this. He did this kind of outrageousness (sort of) first.

Jack Daniels Cider and Other Disastrous Ideas


Enraged by my favourite non Apple brand venturing into uncharted territory, Jack Daniels are doing some cray cray experimentation. This is the email I sent to them. Sometimes there are some ideas that are NOT worth pursuing due to public backlash. Just ask Caitlyn Kardashian


Carpool Karate: Fired


Carpool style, firing someone is generally never a good thing but during a team building exercise and drive one has to pull the trigger. #Niche If the concept seems similar then you wouldn’t be far wrong . Sketch comedy just below IP Theft

Sicario: The Sequel Gender Swap


When I saw Sicario in the cinema I thought it was a really interesting movie. What was great was that even though Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin were in it the whole film revolved around Emily Blunt. Everything that happens is from her perspective, even the dramatic border crossing sequence was from her point of view. Everyone else was a bit part to her central character going on this crazed journey.

So imagine my surprise when watching the trailer for Sicario 2 which now features macho men, Del Toro as the lead with macho guns and a really interesting uber masculine subtitle… Day of the Soldado which i assume translates to ‘we gonna kill a whole bunch of bad guys’.

What amazes me is that the point of the original’s success has been distorted and for the sequel the protagonists are all male as if that was the reason it was a hit.

Once again this is another example how the producers make the wrong assumption of the initial succerss of the film and think it was the guys that made it a big draw for the crowds

12 Strong Men, One Weak Script


I watched this flick last night (Cinema De La Chris Hemsworth) and as expected it was a ‘based on a true story’ revisionist depiction of ‘men on a mission’ movie. The kind of thoughtful piece of Foreign Policy Americana that the US finely makes. As it was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer i wasn’t at all surprised that there was a large amount of humanitarian testosterone.

Let’s break a same run-off-the-mill cliches down:
– Soldiers see a devestating event (9/11) and immediately sign up.
– Solidarity and camaraderie among the team.
– Unlimited ammunition when in the face of battle.
– Is the Afghan a good/bad guy a bad/bad guy or a bad/good guy?
– Brothers in arms when sh*t gets hot on the battlefield.
– Rise of the warrior within when the situation turns bad.
– Win.. well, a few GIs got hurt on top of the thousand Afghan casualties!
– Homecoming and the happy wives…

I am blurred as to where hard fact is mixed with helpful fiction to greatly amp up the action. They even trotted out that emotional nugget of Americans shooting lots of the enemy but one bullet strikes them it’s a huge impact. Very recruitment heavy John Wayne.

My main problem with this is that it makes you feel that the whole thing was a success (which this particular mission was) but overall the whole issue of Afghanistan was a total failure. This is spin of the highest order to put triumph within a catastrophic campaign but nowhere in the same league as U571 which literally rewrote history and wrote out British involvment in the capture of the Enigma Machine.

British cinema isn’t any better with the very weird Churchill movie starring Gary Oldman. That piece if revisionist sh*t painted a fat drunk as if he was Rumpole of the Bailey and a cuddly fighter, nice, curmudgeonly old man. Bagpus won World War 2.

What worries me that reality is reinvented/ distorted with films like this that have a longer lasting impact. What’s next? i literally can’t wait!


As Kellyanne Conway said… Alternative facts.

Famalam, Comedy and the BBC


I just watched BBC Three’s Famalam and #HoodDocumentary and what surprises me (or doesn’t depending on the cynicism) is that diversity in television has not progressed at all. The same bland easy target comic stereotypes are placed front and centre.

This is no disrespect to the incredibly talented cast of both programmes but somehow the majority of the material seems to have kept them in a cliche’d orbit without bringing any new spin to the endeavour. It feels like the ghost of Vince Powell (of Mind Your Language infamy) is well and truly alive.

Let’s break down the characters:
– The chicken eating fat kid.
– Nollywood sendup.
– Nigerian sending spam emails (just the costume design and setup is irksome).

There are others that seem dated and just playing to middle england’s perception rather than breaking stereotypes down. That said though what I did like was Midsomer Motherf*ckin Murders. This was greatly juxtaposing badass 70’s cop in a soulless diversity free town. This is where the writers can really roll up their sleeves and get stuck into the middle of the road British dramas. The superhero sketch was another note of excellence and an example of justaposing being black and a superhero in London. These are the kinds of things that should be wall to wall observations on British culture, not Nigerian easy targets.

Maybe it’s how the shows are developed in house that veer the writing towards the stereotypes? I distinctly remember The Stephen K Amos show (also on the BBC) that had a sketch with a Nigerian newsreader which was equally stereotypical.

#Hooddocumentary was just some weird Eddie Murphy impersonator being a div in front of an Obs Doc crew. The usual cliches are bandies about with no progression to modern times. Watching it i felt i had seen it all before time an again… where? oh yeah! Pretty much everything Eddie Murphy did 30 years earlier and fresher. Comedy of errors that comes across as very dated. Let the actor shine and be himself, he is brilliant but then material is playing it safe. Examples of this is why BAME talent go to America. It’s not because they have big chequebooks (which helps) but the availability of challenging meaty roles.

Time and again i keep saying the same thing over and over. Goodness Gracious poked fun at itself (quirky Indian culture) but also was clever to rise above it all and be very funny without feeling that Spike Milligan/ Peter Sellers were browning themselves up.

I think on the strength of these two shows the award is Minus 100 woke points.

Mungbeaners Ep7 Subtitled


The Last Episode where the impeccably stupid dipsh*ts hit rock bottom.

There is technically no coming back from stupidity but the boys have decided to embark on another career.

Which career is that I hear you ask? Something that they are equally inept at

That’s what!