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Mar 2015 06

Meet Jim, recently returned from active front line duty he finds it hard to relate to women and adjust to normal life, the kind of life he used to live.

Just one of the eccentric characterise the Friend-On-Acid sitcom series Junkie Dolls


Feb 2015 19

Another poster of the long-ish gestating puppet project Junkie Dolls. Simply put what if the cast of Friends are middle class drug addicts? That sitcom element would have taken a darker turn and this is what the show is all about. Think Joey scoring crack in Central Park under a chintzy laugh track.

Trailer coming soon

Feb 2015 04

It’s a wonder nobody melded popular urban music and erectile dysfunction to bring private pain to the public consciousness.

Hopefully the crew will give it the OK.


Jan 2015 26

Everyone needs a super hero and there is none better that Zaftul. Part time butcher and full time crime fighter.

Gifted with skills in cutting meat and having absolutely no sense of humour, he is your man to help wreak revenge with his berserker rage!

Currently pitching this idea¬†which is technically a hard sell. The best way to sell this is “a Middle Eastern version of Bergerac”


Jan 2015 14

The first teaser poster a short film I am writing. A comedy set in the heart of Soho.

When a homeless man is doing it all wrong asking for change he gets some unexpected advice from a professional businessman who shows him the tricks of the trade and the manipulation involved.

Kickstarter promotion starting soon.