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Brexit / Cumberbatch / Outrage. Why it Took a Star to get a Point Across


So let me get this right? People are only now truly outraged by how the Leave Team weaponised social media in the Brexit campaign because it was made into a drama starring Benedict Cumberbatch? It wasn’t journalism that opened people’s eyes to this mass manipulation, it was a (admittedly well made) drama.

Brexit: An Uncivil War detailed how this all worked whereas the newspaper articles on the same subject caused a small smatter of anger here and there. The same small ripple that came to news stories about Edward Snowden and The Panama Papers. People were outraged for all of 10 mins.

News of how they did all this shady work has been reported in the press and in Private Eye for a while but like everything else in middle England, the majority of the people mainly read The Sun and Daily Mail which have agenda led distorted views which are also designed to manipulate the readers. Irony right? Old school manipulation compares to new school. Read any Daily Mail headline and you get the idea of the Brexit Hysteria being peddled. Look at any Social Media post and ask yourself if it is true.

By this summation middle America will only realise the terrible dumb things that Donald Trump is doing if it was made into a film starring George Clooney as Trump… sod it even if we had Rosemary Clooney played Trump the message would still get across and people will suddenly be outraged.

And they say Print is dead…. depends on your age.


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