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Sacha Baron Cohen and the Chris Morris Connection


I just watched the clip of Sacha Baron Cohen‘s Who Is America? and (as of this writing) anticipating the series. It’s interesting that this style was done by Chris Morris nearly 20 years ago in the notorious Brass Eye peodophoile episode. Getting dim celebrities/ people in authority to read the most outrageous things out loud not knowing the content should have been a red flag to these so called intelligent people but alas it isn’t. Why? Because they are self promoting idiots who fall for the back story of the ‘legitimate’ production company that wants to put across the same agenda. Here it is, these gun nuts mention in pre written idiot boards Blink 182 and Rita Ora and in Brass Eye it was Phil Collins saying ‘Nonce Sense’. The difference is that Mr Cohen did this subterfuge in America and NOBODY knew the ridiculous parody elements contained. The fact that he got away with it is astounding.

I didn’t know how people still fall for these things until I spoke to a director years ago who used to go undercover setting up meetings with politicians for Dispatches programmes and I asked him the same question. His simple answer was you get chummy with them, do small talk and start asking curious questions and lure them into talking about all sorts of less-than-honest things. It apparently is as simple as that. Politicians are less cautious than you think and here the gun lobby are the same. I bet the PR vetting people are either fired or dead. Either way they are SCREWED!

These gun nuts in the US want to use any media to promote their agenda and this is their weakness much like the caught-out UK politicians. I can’t wait to watch this and it is TERRIFYING. What got me was the nuances. The Gun Lobby rep is shooting cartoons of black people and arabs with no flinching of the political incorrectness.

I do hope Chris Morris gets residuals from this. He did this kind of outrageousness (sort of) first.


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