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A word for Tommy Robinson and Nick Griffin

Dear Tommy Robinson, Nick Griffin and The Daily Mail

I constantly see you downplaying your racist views by saying you “respect” the Sikhs for what they have done.

Every time someone slings a comment at you, that is your instant reply.

I assume by respect you mean the Sikh military conduct during World War 1 & 2 and not the fine restaurants dotted up and down the city centres that I am sure most of you enjoy after a lager or ten…. Oh, am I stereotyping you?

Let’s all be clear about one thing, you hate immigration and foreign workers and as a son of Sikh migrant workers you essentially hate us. My grandfather served for the British during WW2 but if you saw me on the street, that wouldn’t be taken into account would it? In fact any kind of service my ancestors have done will not be taken into account and if I did bring it up would it make a difference?

Probably not.

If you had a chance, you would turf us out alongside everyone you feel is unfit to live here.

So we are back to the fact that you try to use us to be “less racist”. Well, stop using as a case to be legitimate, it doesn’t work.




Diversity: The long road to freedom

So, the recent event to address the lack of diversity in media was a psuedo-success judging by the varied voices that were vocal at the current situation. I say pseudo as nothing has been set in concrete.

There were a few suggestions such as setting quotas but these ideas are made by people who have established themselves in media. What i want to express is ideas presented by a person who has tried numerous times to get his projects made and consantly been rebuffed. Essentially an outsider like me.

*disclaimer: This is not a blatant opportunity for me to get my scripts made (though it would be nice!) but a chance to level the playing field for all people*

1- Online: The various TV channels are now experimenting with their online divisions and in the case of Channel 4 they do these showcase opportunities. The latter’s last attempt was a disaster to the community as they ran a scheme called ‘Comedy Blaps ‘ where it was an open call to send in your submissions but the chosen shows were from the establishment (for the most part) like Baby Cow et al. This rendered it a dispiriting waste of time for all those who made the effort. What needs to be done is utilize these digital portals to properly showcase new talent at a fraction of the budget. Please look at the last line as i have worked on things for poverty level prices and even getting a few grand to bring something real will be money better spent.

2- Talent Scouts: I have seen numerous comedy talents in my time who are simply shut out because their face doesn’t fit the same generic people on panel shows. I am not saying put any old person on but pay attention to who can add a little quirkiness. Essentially the talent scouts should be fearless to “think outside the box” and have the backup to do so.

3- Workshops: They don’t work for the most part and it’s essentially there to make the managers sleep well at night. More thought should be made as to the point of direction and outcome for these. No point giving people a training session if it doesn’t lead anywhere.

You can certainly experiment without disrupting the core franchises. If the current mindset was applied 30 years ago there would simply be no Hanif Kureishi and he made some brilliant edgy stuff. The type that will not be made today unless change is made.

That’s it for positive action plans but three is enough right?

As for me i have set up my own website and production company and fighting on my rules (with no money!) in the hope something breaks. I mean look at Spike Lee, he did it by being angry/pushy/ focused and so am i.

The racist past is creeping back up on us

With the heavy handed attitude of the current government i have slightly doctored their racist van as i feel that this is the way it is going, back to the turbulant past.

God forbid they start to divide our communities even further.

Star Wars: Another New Hope

Memo to JJ Abrams

Dear Mr Abrams

Glad you are taking the reigns of the new Star Wars Trilogy and not Michael “cinematic epilepsy” Bay but a few things to learn from the last three travesties:

 1- No Jar Jar Binks. It took George Lucas until Empire to bring a positive black role model and then we went backwards with this ethically wrong character. So no tacky wacky shit ok?

2- This is a deal breaker when it comes to parting with my cinema money. No CGI sets, please build real sets that actors can walk around in. It was a nice try by Lucas but let’s face it, it was shit. The actors couldn’t act properly and the film was flat. How’s that for Dolly Parton-esque lyrics! Look at Peter Jackson, he built sets that people can touch and you can too and as you are shooting in the UK you have a thousand unemployed carpenters begging to work. Remember, George Lucas sold the farm to Disney so you don’t really have to listen to him anymore about this green screen crap. By all means kiss the ring but he starts talking digital just mention Tron’s box office.

3- Return the fun back like the first three films, the 70’s chic and rebellious and witty attitude. Also try to include the incest three way love angle as it was rather funny.

4- As much as Simon Pegg is brilliant try to vary your ensemble cast by using Johnny Vegas as an alcoholic Wookie… much hilarity will ensue.

 There are more but this is a start….

Remember, I saw the original series as a kid and it blew me away, I saw the next three as an adult and it wasn’t the same. Think about my kids, they will be 4 when they see your film and I want them to have the same exhilarating experience I had watching Star Wars. You don’t owe it to the very dead Walt Disney legacy but to the fans who like the simple things, great story, great action and a happy ending. The first three tapped into the inner child in all of us.  The second three did not did not live up to the hype.

 I know you will do a great job as you rebooted the Star Trek franchise to make me forget Star Trek 5. I actually paid money to see that in the cinema!

Finally I actually live a 28 minute drive from Pinewood so I can pop down for a proper chat if you want. All I need are Samosas.