Ernest Borgnine: The Play

Now that is a play I want to see! David Suchet breaks Theatre convention to be Ernest Borgnine in drag! Coming soon to The National.

Worst Cartoon Ever Made

I watch shit films all the time and this gives me a high tolerance of crap cinema. I mean there is always something in a poorly made film to keep the interest but watching Colour City… Read More

Dukes Of Hounslow Sitcom Pitch

Here is the latest idea I am touting around. Simply put it is like Dukes of Hazard but set in the lovely town of Hounslow. Obviously there are no other similarities to that iconic show so i… Read More

Dick Fatoush sleep video sponsored by Johnny Depp

Proudly sponsored by Johnny Depp, A strangely hypnotic video from Dick Fatoush designed to help put your kids slowly to sleep. Part of the range of self help digital media designed to improve your life in… Read More

Jonathan Glazer/ Scarlett Johansson mentalism

In the current climate where it’s hard to get financing for cult oddities i assume this is how Jonathan Glazer managed to get the green light on his film Under the Skin starring Scarlett Johansson which is… Read More

Woody Allen poster as i see it

This is how i see the current Woody Allen film

Karate Cops cult movie mentalism

In a bizarre guilt ridden confession I have been watching insufferable crap like The Wolverine and want to poke my eyes out for such sinful behavior. To get myself back on track i have viewed crap-that-knows-is’s-crap… Read More

Write Like Tarantino

So, one of the many chintzy spam-lite emails I get tells me that with a simple modest payment I can write in the same style as Tarantino, well for the first 15 pages at least. I… Read More

The Tarantino Thought Process and Context

The title sounds like a dry thesis but it’s something that bothered me to actually think about further. When I originally watched Kill Bill and got to the animated sequence I thought it was an interesting… Read More

Enzo G Castellari retro mentalism

A rip off of Mad Max but camped up to the max, this Enzo G Castellari film is a force to be reckoned not because of the bonkers plot, garish costumes or the post apolcalyptic setting… Read More

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