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Mr Khan: Perpetuating a Myth for the British Public

Disclaimer a go-go:

You may think that this is shameless self publicity but in fairness it is a knee jerk reaction to what I feel is the first Asian lead BBC TV show since Goodness Gracious Me. I know you will say “what about Mumbai Calling and Meet the Magoons” but I will get to them later and anyway they were ITV and CH4 respectively.

Let me start by saying I don’t hate Mr Khan, starring the talented Adil Ray, but I did find it unfunny. The reason being is it was structured like a BBC sitcom with Pakistanis in the place of White suburban families. The dynamics, interaction and comedy timing are the same as Terry and June, just colour adjusted. I gave up watching these bland dreary sitcoms 20 odd years ago (yes, the last thing I watched was Fresh Fields!). Clearly the BBC hasn’t learned from their diversity remit, remember the Crouches? The all Black sitcom and written by the guy who created Rab C Nesbitt?