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Matt Lucas and the accepted face of racism


So, with the lack of good parts for Black and Asian talent (for the most part) in recent years, mainstream media is resorting to Matt Lucas and David Walliams blacking up for comedic effect.

The fact that nobody talks about this with much shock (again, for the most part) but you mention The Black and White Minstrel Show and it’s the opposite effect.

Well, congratulations on the BBC to pretty much saying “well, it’s not racist if it’s funny”… much the same way as the other classic shows, Mind Your Language, Ain’t Half Hot Mum and the creme de la creme Love Thy Neighbour.

Congratulations for these mighty titans of comedy taking comedy back to the 70’s.


Tales of Diversity and other Tastes


I just read the transcript of Armando Iannucci’s Bafta Speech which is an honest breath of fresh air about the current state of British television and the lack of risks (for the most part) that is being taken. As Mr Ianucci said, compared to American television, we are back in the dark ages in many ways and it’s time to bring back the anger that fueled people like Alan Clarke to make a difference.

My personal concern is the lack of diversity in television and the lack of parts available. It seems it’s ok to be stereotyped in Eastenders and Coronation Street to a point that makes Mind Your Language seem contemporary and I will get to Citizen Khan, the Great Brown Hope of the BBC’s diversity remit in a minute.

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