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Quality parts for Black and Asian talent

But not on a television near you…..

I am working on an extremely good short film where the talent consists of four Black and Asian actors and the sterling work on display will be travelling the short film circuit and more pretty soon.

Everyone knows that these short films are a showcase to get better work but in some cases the diverse talent have a great calling card for parts that don’t exist in mainstream television. Why? Simply because the commissioners aren’t pushing through material that is relevant to modern Britain.

I will plainly say that there is racial bias in television at the moment and even though this is being addressed constantly by the powers that be, nothing is really being done about it to level the landscape.

When will the talent that is showcased in in these finely crafted shorts translate to television where they belong To be seen by a proper mainstream audience? When will writing that is worthy of their talents be pushed into production?

Again, I have addressed American television in being broad in diverse talent and much to my chagrin black and asian talent is migrating there to get good parts.

Change will happen but not in mainstream media but in the digital realm but before then stop the talent drain.

General Levy is making a comeback


Everyone knows as a one hit wonder General Levy would be the best person to make a cameo in the famous stage play. This kind of wacky casting  coup can energise the normally staid theatre production and breathe life into the oh-so boring scene.


Fahrenheit 8 Pt1

The Premise

The title is based on the temperature in which my filmmaking burned. More of that later so let me start at the beginning.

I decided to direct a short film so I can push to achieve two things. Develop my writing, have material I can edit with and eventually have something I can show to the movers and shakers. In actual fact my Cameraman friend convinced me I could do it and his encouragement pushed me to give it a try.

The Push

Initially I found the setting up daunting as I have never had to produce/ direct but you know what? It was initially easier than I thought. My cameraman friend showed me a suitable location in Fitzrovia, which was perfect. Next was permission to shoot on that location. I went to the Film London website and to my amazement they say “as long as you are not causing an obstruction you don’t need permission to shoot”. For added security you can pay 25-75 quid and have a notice to shoot in case a concerned passer by walks by and wants to be a pain in the ass. The note is not enforceable by the way, just an act of legitimacy so I didn’t bother getting it. Public Liability Insurance (PLI). Need to get one in case a person dies on set but where do I get one? I am a member of BECTU (a British union dealing in Post Production) and automatically I have PLI. Surprisingly sorted!

The People

My cameraman/ friend supplied the kit so next up is actors and sound crew. Ads put out in castingcallpro and mandy.com got me connected to the people I needed. All on board and ready to meet up in Fitzrovia for the shoot day. That is where the easy part ended.

The Prep

As the shoot date loomed I thought I was prepared, I had a fair idea of what I wanted and rehearsed with the actors before the shoot. The weather said sunny but that was only the bright spot (sort of). It was 8 degrees and bitingly cold (hence the title). One actor turned up in a blazer shirt and tie (in keeping with the character) and would suffer the consequences later.

I set up the first scene and expected the actors to run through the whole 10 minutes, which was a big mistake as it was asking a lot. Where was the logic in my head where we break it up into short pages and make it easier for the actors? The actors kept flubbing their lines due to the short rehearsal window I had. This isn’t theatre where you have weeks of run through. The shot list I had in my head (the worst place to store such information!) was falling apart so I had and a lot of improvising had to happen.

The Panic

The weather really started to bite and slow down momentum. Three hours in and I did 4 pages out of 10… oops. Break for lunch and hope we shoot the rest. After lunch it started to rain even though the 2 respected weather sites said it was sunny (liars!) so the rest of the shoot was sheltering until the light rain stopped and continue until it came back. Never have I looked at the sky for two reasons in my life and don’t get me started on how I was going to get around the continuity. At one point I blurted out that it was my Lost in La Mancha moment, which got a chuckle.

The Price

By 3pm the cold just bit the actors who were unable to say the lines properly due to the intense cold I just rushed to get the lines said in extreme close up so I had *something * to cut with. I was line reading them just so I could get all the words filmed and don’t know as of this post whether it cuts together.

Thank god I am editing it because if I had to present these rushes I would have gotten a disheartening response in terms of what I can use. At least I can squirrel away and get something out there and get inventive!

Zeroheadcast 7

[flowplayer src=’http://zeroheadroom.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/zeroheadcast-7-3-2-11.mov’ width=480 height=320 splash=’http://zeroheadroom.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/zeroheadcast-7-3-2-11.png’]


The zeroheadroom team are still harping on about the current job market but unlike the tabloid doom and gloom mongers we add flair and panache to the proceedings.

Socially redeeming banter with an underbelly of bitterness.

Zeroheadcast 6

[flowplayer src=’http://zeroheadroom.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/zeroheadcast-6-28-11-10.mov’ width=480 height=320 splash=’http://zeroheadroom.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/zeroheadcast-6-28-11-10.png’]


Heated debate about the current job market and the nearing employment apocalypse plus do you know what coltan is? after this you will be a coltan scholar.

Pointless banter with only 3 stars for vigour and stimulation.