Danny Dyer Fictional Quotes 2

            Part 2 of cheeky mucker and genuine cockney bollocks Danny Dyer. Harold Pinter loved him… not Harold Shipman though, the latter wanted him dead.

Dick Fatoush teaser poster 2

A comedy of Middle Eastern errors and an ambiguous poster to go with it filming commencing shortly and pretty soon everyone will be getting Dick.  

Michael Bay Transformers Pitch

In all the wacky ways Hollywood operates, this is how i assume mentalist director Michael Bay got his money to make the deafening lifeless action spectacle that is vehemently anti-art  

Jonathan Glazer/ Scarlett Johansson mentalism

In the current climate where it’s hard to get financing for cult oddities i assume this is how Jonathan Glazer managed to get the green light on his film Under the Skin starring Scarlett Johansson which is… Read More

Woody Allen poster as i see it

This is how i see the current Woody Allen film

YouTube got fleeced

What else did you expect? Remember when YouTube had a $200 million pound war chest to pump into original programming? It was their bold attempt to move beyond those upload-your-cat-videos amateur content that the site has… Read More

BAME Moneyball

I was watching Moneyball the other day and one thing struck me, what if the same principles were applied to British Media? The baseball concept was to find undervalued players to make up for budget shortfalls… Read More

The road to diversity is still closed: Please take another route

It struck me over the weekend as to one thing that really needs changing for these established UK production companies/ commissioners…. Meetings with the little people! Not just for the exclusivity of the industry talent/ players…. Read More

Karate Cops cult movie mentalism

In a bizarre guilt ridden confession I have been watching insufferable crap like The Wolverine and want to poke my eyes out for such sinful behavior. To get myself back on track i have viewed crap-that-knows-is’s-crap… Read More

The Tarantino Thought Process and Context

The title sounds like a dry thesis but it’s something that bothered me to actually think about further. When I originally watched Kill Bill and got to the animated sequence I thought it was an interesting… Read More

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