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The Interview Sam Bain


I have spent a lot of time trying to contact people regarding my scripts to no avail so I hatched a plan to not send a script I have written but try something they call META. I decided to write a script that involved an interview with the person I was sending the script to. Sort of an interpretation of what Charlie Brooker would write. I even referenced Mr Brooker. As i was sending the script to two people i respected, I referenced them both within the same script. Sort of like Meta within Meta.

So i printed out the 10 pages ready to send to the production office but I took a step back and thought ‘maybe this is weird’. If this was done a few years ago then it would have been received with good humour but in the current climate if the person starts reading the script it would come across as if it was written by Travis Bickle. If I sat in an office and received this rather invasive script I would be rather freaked out hence having a last minute reality check. I ripped the scripts up and threw them away.

I enjoyed the process of the surrealness so i have pasted it below for anyone that cares to read. I have even included the cover page EXPLICITLY stating this isn’t a spec script but a fictional interview and that i am of sound mind and body thinking of doing something different to try and get noticed.


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