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Sicario: The Sequel Gender Swap


When I saw Sicario in the cinema I thought it was a really interesting movie. What was great was that even though Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin were in it the whole film revolved around Emily Blunt. Everything that happens is from her perspective, even the dramatic border crossing sequence was from her point of view. Everyone else was a bit part to her central character going on this crazed journey.

So imagine my surprise when watching the trailer for Sicario 2 which now features macho men, Del Toro as the lead with macho guns and a really interesting uber masculine subtitle… Day of the Soldado which i assume translates to ‘we gonna kill a whole bunch of bad guys’.

What amazes me is that the point of the original’s success has been distorted and for the sequel the protagonists are all male as if that was the reason it was a hit.

Once again this is another example how the producers make the wrong assumption of the initial succerss of the film and think it was the guys that made it a big draw for the crowds


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