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Dear Jeremy Corbyn


Dear Mr Corbyn
I write this letter with hands that are crippled with rage.

I do this so you don’t get deflated when the press and institutions stab you not so much in the back but in the front so they can see the fear in your eyes.

You are destined to fail.

There, I said it

As a fellow Labour-ite, I say this as a cautionary tale of how the system works. One which I discovered the hard way as I traipsed around the country selling my ideals.

You will fail because even though the people like you, common people and yes, even Guardian readers, there isn’t enough to sway the dead eyed voters. Don’t let Russell Brand get on your side. He is a bit of a political humvee (a bullet catcher of the elite world) .

Because the people like you, this irritates the press barons and business owners who want someone that will benefit them, not the workers. Any hint of socialism will be shot down by them and given ample amount of derision in their papers.
Look at Red Ken. The Evening Standard hounded him for years and finally marked his cards due to his association with Jasper Lee who was doing some dodgy dealings. Funny, it was an outrage then considering now, they are all at it. Having affairs and what not. It all pales in comparison but this is now and you have to choose your political stance carefully.
I wanted change for the country but change isn’t what the upper etchalons want, only the lower classes. They have always been beaten down with the papers subliminally supporting them but not. You understand?
I agree with a lot of points you make but in my experience you will be poisoned like Stalin.. Not literally like Litnovenko metaphorically like me.
People want change but let’s face it it isn’t going to happen so I suggest you be the sheep in wolf’s clothing and mimic the snide “for-the-people-but-not-really” Cameron stance and then blow this shit wide open when you are in.
Don’t make yourself an obvious target and swim with the fishes.
I am not sure if you do “do movies” but watch Syriana, it’s all in there. All the political machinations.
I mean even a Jewish man like Richard Desmond gifted UKIP who have an alliance with anti Jewish organisations not because it helps the common man but is a way for him to secure a peerage. Can you believe that? Self indulgence to a relic of old times rather than his readership.
As for me? I am getting the hell out of here and getting a comfy job (my first!) and watch from the sidelines knowing change is not going to happen.
I mean, I was leading in polls and people were on my side but something happened and it just didn’t work out. That whole commie Trotsky stuff will rile those in power.
You think I can get a corporate job?
You bet I can!
Anyway I think I will retire that political schtick..


Your Faithful Servant



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