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Karate Cops cult movie mentalism


In a bizarre guilt ridden confession I have been watching insufferable crap like The Wolverine and want to poke my eyes out for such sinful behavior.

To get myself back on track i have viewed crap-that-knows-is’s-crap like this curiously odd travesty of the cop genre.¬† This flick has it all, low budget, shot on video, bad acting, sub par martial arts, tacky action setpieces, a plot¬†held together by a thin piece of video-string and my personal favourite, a black cop who is literally doing a rip off of Eddie Murphy a la Beverly Hills Cop. These mentalists actually try to out macho each other in a kind of poor man’s Crocket and Tubbs.

This opening will give you a taster of what to expect and yes, it’s hardly going to win awards but will be far more entertaining than the densely plotless megabudget shite that is lining the multiplexes.



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