Enzo G Castellari retro mentalism


A rip off of Mad Max but camped up to the max, this Enzo G Castellari film is a force to be reckoned not because of the bonkers plot, garish costumes or the post apolcalyptic setting that simply looks like a desert but the sheer unadulterated fun that this flick brings to having mentalist actors overracting in a scenario that must have been written by a 10 year old child. This entertaining slab of celluloid action is miles better than 20 Michael Bay films at a fraction of a budget. It may be exploitative and geared for the grindhouse circuit but with a few beers this is brilliant fun. Check out Fred Williamson dressed as one of the Bee Gees (how they persuaded him to wear such camp┬áschmata is beyond me) who’s sole weapon is a bow and arrow which looks like a direct rip off of Marvel’s Hawkeye (check your lawyers Enzo).


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