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Alt: Religion and the Command of the Media


I watched an Interview with Charles Manson and one thing struck me. He has total control of the interview and is a completely, albeit demonically, captivating figure. Now, the scary thing is if you take the murders out of the equation,  Manson would have gone down the path that L Ron Hubbard went with scientology and gather a large following obeying his twisted words of wisdom and become a powerful figure. Alas he slashed a few celebrities and became a role model for unrepentant mentalists the world over.

Note to self: In a town full of Jews why is Scientology more popular that Judaism?

Watch a clip of L Ron Hubbard being interviewed and you will see the same style of personality but in a more controlled, exacting and dare I say it, cunning.  The kind of persuasion one needs to get subscribers to join a completely invented religion.

Manson effectively created a cult shaped around his own twisted image like Hubbard but the latter knew he could make a lot of cash there rather than be a two bit dime store novelist. Both are failed talents who found a way to diversify their dementedness The only difference between the two is that Hubbard had business savvy and Manson was mentally insane and his own nihilism and self-belief caused him to ruin his life. Being a predator takes some savvy.

Even as unrepentant as Manson is, there is a fine line between calculated, crazy, financial reward and prison sex. Maybe Manson didn’t want worldly goods but at least Hollywood can sleep at night now that the boogeyman is locked up.

One last thing to mention is that Manson’s religion will die when he dies but Hubbard’s will carry on as long as they can keep the belief and the money machine going.

Are you ready for the next mentalist to come claiming a new religion for the masses?

If this sounds Pythonesque then you will not be far off. A guide to starting a religion.

Stage 1: Claim you are the Messiah

Stage 2: Make a Ribald statement with winning enthusiasm

Stage 3: Make a Convincing argument for Stage 1

Stage 4: Wait for the minions to come flocking to you

Stage 5: Fleece them of all their money, virginity, emotions or whatever you want to enhance your lifestyle. Just knock yourself out you ol’ deity


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